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The SOHO Gallery is a website devoted to presenting unusual

photographic anomalies imaged by the SOHO Solar Observatory.




The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory







SOHO is a joint venture between NASA and the European Space Agency as part of the framework of the Solar Terrestrial Science Program (STSP) in the larger venture with the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program (ISTP). The SOHO spacecraft is still fairly young. It was launched on December 2, 1995. It was built in Europe by European and American scientists. NASA oversaw the launch and maintains the mission operations from the SOHO command center at Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

SOHO was designed and developed to study the sun and its outer atmosphere and its effects on the solar wind. The solar wind is the stream of highly ionized gas that blows continuously outward through the Solar System.

SOHO was launched to observe the sun from a permanent vantage point 1.5 million kilometers ahead of the Earth in a halo orbit around the L1 Lagrangian point. It was hoped that the satellite would function for at least 2 years. It functioned superbly for its first two years but the craft has undergone some hair raising experiences in the last 3 years that had many experts preparing its obituary. This satellite has been very resilient.

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You may be asking, "so what?" You may be wondering why such a long explanation for a little known and unpublicized satellite? What makes it so special and how does it relate to our subject? The answer is to be found in the images that this little satellite has sent back to earth.

In the first couple of years the satellites cameras picked up spectacular views of the sun that had never been seen before by mankind because of the earth's atmosphere which distorts our view, even through the best telescopes. Since 1998, SOHO has imaged some rather remarkable events that defy explanation. It is the purpose of this chapter to present some of these remarkable pictures and let them speak for themselves.

It is worth noting that the SOHO cameras do record a lot of anomalous objects and events that are explainable and not so mysterious. However, there are numerous pictures of bizarre objects and anomalies that defy explanation. In 1998 when these anomalies began to be posted on the SOHO website the SOHO team explained away the anomalies as simply glitches in the camera or computer systems. Later, independent researchers began to investigate for themselves and found the explanations to be untenable. The SOHO team began to receive public criticism from others in the scientific community who claimed that many of the anomalies could not be explained as mere glitches in the systems or as debris from the spacecraft (such as nuts and bolts). Finally in the late spring Joe Gurman, one of 2000 one of the SOHO team members e-mailed a statement to the editor of that some of the anomalies that were not debris from the spacecraft. See the copy of Joe's e-mail posted at the ORBIT website URL below:

Joe also indicated that there were anomalies that were further away that apparently they had no explanation for and were clearly not solar in origin. In other words the anomalies were not products of solar activity.

The chief explanation offered consistently by the SOHO team until this spring was that all of the anomalies were simply solar particles hitting the SOHO CCD camera lens and creating a brief spike of light that formed a glitch. We will present you with the images and let you make up your own mind. We will also present you with various other websites and the comments from other researchers and observers and let you draw your own conclusions. Some of these other researchers, such as Colonel Ervin provide an explanation as to why certain anomalies are not glitches or by-products of solar activity.

It should be noted that some of these anomalies are referred to as "Sun Cruisers." This is because the first researcher to spot and post these anomalies on the internet gave them the name because she didn't have any other name to give them. This researchers name is Liz Edwards. You can visit her work at her website:

Keep in mind that due to space limitations here, we are only providing a handful of images as these pictures can be graphics intensive.  Therefore we are limited to presenting you with only a small sample of the most stunning images that we've discovered.




First Signs of War in Space

Bombs away! Taken 02/04/1997 at 12:30 UT

From Lasco C2. Notice the insert enhancement on The right is actually from the left side in the little box. It sure looks

like something was dropped.


wpe6.jpg (17828 bytes)


This is very similar to the event of 12/7/98 when we see an object resemble the shape of a Star of David. Below this image is an enhancement of the "star."

wpe7.jpg (16779 bytes)


 wpe8.jpg (12193 bytes)




Another intriguing image from 1997

wpe9.jpg (15463 bytes)


And yet another anomaly ... Triangular shaped?


wpeA.jpg (9416 bytes)




Here's more battle action from SOHO images

May 5th 1998 at 19:50 UT from C2 Lasco camera


wpeB.jpg (6367 bytes)


More shots fired 4 hours later on 5/6/98 at :00:02 on C2

wpeD.jpg (5040 bytes)


Another cruiser view as it is below and in front of the Planet Mars just three days later.

wpeF.jpg (8753 bytes)



Here's an enhanced view of the Cruiser 6 hours later

wpe10.jpg (5850 bytes)



Another view enhance about 2 weeks later

wpe11.jpg (6095 bytes)



Below we see what might be some sort of object streaking past the object in the center. What is it? We have no answer only questions. Note the time/date stamp in the image. It was from C3 Lasco camera.

wpe12.jpg (8973 bytes)


wpe13.jpg (30439 bytes)



Another view of the cruiser but from an unknown date due to loss of date

documentation on this enhancement. We know it was in 1997.


wpe14.jpg (6795 bytes)




And there was War in the Heavens



What follows are a series of images which the SOHO Satellite has taken in the last few years that show what seems to be hostile action between various lighted objects that appear to be craft under some sort of intelligent control. The objects have been euphemistically referred to as "Sun Cruisers." These various objects seem to emit at times "beams of light" that appear to be aimed at other objects. What follows is a compilation of all the known images captured by SOHO that we know about which seems to show some sort of "torpedo-like" warfare activity in space.


wpe15.jpg (18579 bytes)



This image is from February 26, 2000 at 02:06 Universal Time

Here is an enhancement of the Cruiser and the beam of light from the above picture.

wpe16.jpg (1191 bytes)





Now we go to a series of images from the Spring of 1999 captured by SOHO and at one time posted by NASA's SOHO archives to the internet. Most images are routinely removed after a short time with only a select few frames remaining in the archives. The following were available in the archives within the first 30 days of the event.



May 10th and 11th

Notice the Sun Cruiser at the right is apparently emanating a beam of light and to the left is a short burst of light heading at a right angle to the Sun Cruiser.

wpe17.jpg (6646 bytes)


wpe18.jpg (10455 bytes)


wpe19.jpg (4604 bytes)


Shots Fired on the 15th?


wpe1A.jpg (10150 bytes)


wpe1B.jpg (7182 bytes)


wpe1C.jpg (3451 bytes)




Star Wars April, 1999

April 14, 1999 at 12:06 UT on Lasco C2 camera



wpe1E.jpg (30525 bytes)


Two Torpedoes in spread formation?

April 18, 1999 at 14:06 on C2 -- Bombs away



wpe1F.jpg (34363 bytes)



Here's an enhancement of the above image:

wpe20.jpg (8846 bytes)


wpe21.jpg (8982 bytes)





Now is it a plane or superman? Or just a space bird???


wpe22.jpg (29689 bytes)


Here's an enhancement of the "bird."

wpe23.jpg (7532 bytes)




Space Wars 2000

So what has SOHO seen in the year 2000?


Here is an object that is shaped like a Cross with a beam of light either coming from it or going to it!

wpe24.jpg (21675 bytes)


Now here's an enlargement of the area

in question.

wpe25.jpg (7332 bytes)


And now lets expand this out even larger.


wpe26.jpg (14081 bytes)


Is that not spectacular imagery?

Did you notice that on the cross

it almost looks like there is a robed figure?

Look at especially at the foot of the cross

and then also near the top. It was almost

seem as if a head was bending forward.

Now we're NOT proposing any conclusions

here. We're just wondering how and why.

Is someone playing games with us at NASA

or is this a legitimate anomaly? We can only say that we didn't have anything to do with it. We're just posting them as they come in.


We will be posting more data here as we are able and we will soon have links to other sites that are also posting SOHO anomalies

so check back with us soon.